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Belgian chocolate enjoys an exceptional reputation throughout the world. As an Artisan Chocolatier, we choose chocolates made in the traditional way with the best ingredients that can be found in the world. We are also very attentive to the traceability and control of products.

Ice creams

In Belgium, we know artisanal ice cream and we appreciate it a lot. Impossible to confuse it with an industrial ice cream. We are proud to be able to offer you our production of real artisanal ice cream strongly inspired by one of the most famous "Gelato University" in Italy. The quality of the ice cream offered is important, as is the choice of raw materials as well as the freshness, the result of regular production.


Come and discover our artisanal confectionery. They are available in the form of jams, fruit jellies, sweets in different flavors, plates and bars of chocolates. Orangettes, caramels, lollipops, so many treats that will delight the taste buds of young and old alike.


For both chocolate and accompanying products, our priority is natural products. We favor naturally grown fruits and ingredients. We are fortunate to have a production of natural citrus fruits in the south of Portugal and use these in our preparations. For the other ingredients, we are also very attentive to the provenance and respect for nature.


In our pastries, you will of course find many chocolate creations. But we also offer you creations based on the products that we obtain according to the seasons and our research. Whether it's citrus fruits from Portugal, vanilla or spices from Madagascar, or local products, every opportunity is good to offer you our achievements. For birthdays, communions, weddings, or simply for fun, do not hesitate to contact us.


Our chocolate workshops are for everyone. They take place in our workshop. Whether it's thematic workshops for children or adults, activities for schools or groups, teambuilding for companies, your Artisan Chocolatier will be at your service to make your moment special. Fabian will pass on his love for chocolate to you during workshops for young and old, whatever your level.


When we talk about Belgium, we spontaneously think about chocolate. We set the level very high in terms of quality standards and for this we have chosen a supplier who produces all his chocolates in his factory in Belgium.

The chocolate used is characterized by its inimitable taste obtained by selecting the best cocoa beans from all corners of the globe, in combination with production expertise. To improve the qualitative objectives, cocoa butter and 100% natural vanilla are used. From 31 to over 80% cocoa, from different origins, reduced sugar, organic, fairtrade, we are committed to a sustainable future of delicious chocolates. These are made using the traditional Belgian process of blending, roasting, conching and soaking.

The range contains pure chocolates, milk chocolates and white chocolates available in a palette of complex flavors for each application, some offering a unique bouquet from specific cocoa regions. In addition, we offer a certified sustainable assortment. The origin of our chocolates is traceable and sustainable.

All our preparations are made from carefully selected quality ingredients. We favor natural ingredients. We are also focused on ingredient substitution techniques in order to present you with products suitable for allergies and intolerances.

Finally, as we are fortunate to have our own production of citrus fruits and other fruits from southern Europe, completely natural, we can offer you many recipes based on them.

At your service


Your Artisan Chocolatier is graduate from the I.P.E.S. in Ath, and completed his training in chocolate-confectionery at C.E.R.I.A. in Anderlecht. For more than 10 years, he was able to put his skills at the service of the Atelier « Chocolat Champagne » in Ittre. Obsessed with the desire to have his own creations, he quickly opened a chocolate workshop in his house, which allowed him to give free rein to his first creations. Today, in a newly renovated building, adjoining his family home, Fabian started his own adventure and hopes to delight your taste buds and make you discover his universe. A store welcomes you, from which you will have a direct view of the Chocolate Factory and production.